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Lean and focused strategy building process.


Clear and accurate brand and messaging.


Effective digital tools for strong marketing.


Cutting-edge technological solutions.


Zeev Klung

Let’s grow together

Our extensive knowledge and experience allows the EMG team to connect the dots between myriad marketing solutions, creating a solution that

Zeev Klung

Your Digital Toolbox for Brand Growth 

Creating your unique brand and leaving your one-of-a-kind business mark.  Translating your brand story into a recognizable and memorable language, encapsulating

Zeev Klung

Transforming startups into businesses

We understand the challenges that every company, both new and experienced might face. At EMG, we provide a comprehensive strategy necessary

Zeev Klung


Our three-step process ensures that your brand story is accurately communicated.  First – Smart Strategy: Creating a brand story, an identity

Zeev Klung

Your Path to Brand Success

We offer one-stop shop for everything creative, powered by cutting edge technology, UI, UX, branding & visual identity, EMG’s services provide

Zeev Klung


Our websites are designed and built from scratch to suit the needs of your organisation and your customers. We design component-based